January Crate

1. Cardcaptor Sakura Purse

Generally all of our products are male-centric but this month we had a high percentage of girls, plus it’s the month of love so we included this Cardcaptor Sakura purse. The latest season (Clear Card) has started and is great! A great gift to give any anime loving girl!




2. Minecraft Fingerless Gloves

We haven’t ever given anything from Minecraft and that’s one of the worlds most popular games. These finger-less gloves wont get in the way of you using your cell and will keep you warm as it covers your wrists.




3. Star Wars Figure with Keychain

During the new Star Wars, we were offering our customers a customized crate. But we haven’t forgotten about it!

We have included a figure as well as a different character keychain.




4. Black Panther Full Sleeved Tshirt

Black Panther is the new biggest hit from the marvel universe. Black Panther has a rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has a fantastic story coupled with a beautiful soundtrack. We have included this full sleeved tee as it goes better with Black Panthers full body suit.